Preventing Ingrown Hair from Waxing:

Ingrown hair prevention after waxing is possible, and is actually very simple, too. If ingrown hairs make you hesitant to try waxing, you’re not alone. The threat of unsightly red bumps is not the ideal outcome after conquering a wax!

What’s an ‘ingrown’ hair, exactly?

Ingrown hairs result when a new hair generates and grows but is unable to penetrate through the skin’s surface from the follicle. Waxed hair regenerates slightly weaker when it regrows, so is more vulnerable to ingrowing issues. These ingrown hairs continue to grow beneath the surface, often becoming inflamed and infected as a result of the body trying to expel them.

Simple steps to prevent ingrown hairs:

Don’t touch! (…but if you can’t resist touching, just make sure your hands are clean, so no dirt can infect the waxed area)

keep it clean! Have a cool to warm shower after any sweat-inducing activities, thoroughly cleansing the waxed area.

Moisturise, moisturise! This is very important. Healthy skin works better overall – hydration = prevention. The first couple of days post wax are most important. Simple formulas work best; basic Sorbolene / Vitamin E cream is ideal (and very inexpensive)

Dry buff the area – after the skin is settled from waxing (about 2 days) use a loofah or exfoliating glove to gently buff away dead skin buildup. This is best done on dry skin before showering, buffing in light circular motions, followed by moisturiser after showering.

…Don’t believe what you hear:

Generally, ingrown hairs are prevented with some simple skincare. An occasional spot is sometimes unavoidable, however your aftercare routine will ensure spots are less frequent, less inflamed and fast healing. 

Unfortunately, some skins persistently result in ingrown hairs, no matter what aftercare is applied. This chronic type of reactive skin is VERY rare. If this is a concern for you, or you’ve suffered excessive ingrown hairs in the past, MAKE SURE you bring it up with your therapist before giving up on waxing. Your therapist might pick up on something simple you’ve missed in your aftercare that might be causing you to break out. 

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