The Process of Male Brazilian Waxing

What to expect in your Male Brazilian Waxing appointment:

If you’re considering a Brazilian wax for the first time it’s natural to be wondering about the process.  Here’s what to expect, so you’re better prepared for your appointment:

Arriving and preparing for your wax:

  • On arrival you will meet your therapist. You will be asked about any allergies, skin conditions or current medications. This is to minimise any chance of adverse reactions. If you have any questions or concerns about the process now is the time to ask.
  • Next, your therapist will leave you to change for your wax. You should remove your lower half of clothing (including underwear). Sit on the waxing table facing upwards. There will be a clean towel on the bed to drape over yourself

How wax is applied to the area:

  • Your therapist will begin by adjusting your towel to access the area being waxed. She will cleanse the area, and confirm exactly where you want waxed (incase you’d like any hair left) .
  • Wax is then applied in small round patches, working towards the middle from the outside. Generally, the wax used for a Brazilian is called “hot wax”. It dries into a thick patch almost like dried candle wax. The wax is removed by flicking up one edge to hold and quickly removing the entire patch. She may press on the area after removing to help stop the pain.

Assisting your therapist during your wax (for less painful waxing):

  • Your therapist may ask you to hold your skin to assist her in some places, especially with areas like the scrotum. Firmly supported skin ensures a safer, less painful removal of the wax – your help gives her an extra hand in tricky areas. Your therapist will show you exactly where to place your hand, and ask you to hold your skin firm and flat.

Waxing the bottom:

  • Once the top half of the Brazilian is completed, your therapist will move on to the inside of the bottom to complete the Brazilian. This is the last part of the wax, and won’t take very long. Your therapist will  ask you to roll over and kneel on all fours (like a cat position) to expose the inside of the bottom. The skin is tighter in this position, so you it isn’t necessary for you to hold while this area is waxed. The awkward position you’re in (in front of a stranger no less!) is the worst part of it; it isn’t painful and is over quickly …and don’t forget; your therapist has done it so many times that it’s really no different to any other body part to her – so no need to be embarrassed!

Immediately after the wax:

  • When waxing is complete your therapist may apply some oil or lotion to the area (or offer it to you so you may apply it yourself), to remove any wax residue, and remove it with a hot towel (a hot towel feels great on freshly waxed skin!)
  • Your therapist will then offer you some cream that you may apply to the area that was just waxed.
  • You can then get dressed — keep in mind that it’s best to avoid tight fitting clothes in any areas that were waxed; it might be an idea to bring boxers instead of briefs, or just leave the briefs off until you get home.

Keep in mind:

Every experienced therapist will have developed their own methods over time, and won’t do things exactly the same way as described here. Most follow a similar process though. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t sure about something — your therapist should be willing to address your concerns. If they aren’t, find one that is!

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